About Vineyard

Vineyard is a collection of tools and libraries designed to make managing Windows programs on Linux easier. More specifically, it aims to improve the integration of Wine and the Free Desktop and to make it easier to create programs and tools that integrate with Wine.

Or as OMG! Ubuntu! describes it: “Vineyard gives users an impressively easy way to configure Wine and help provide tight integration between Wine and their GNOME desktop.”

Included in the Vineyard project is vineyard-preferences, a configuration utility for the default Wine configuration as well as for separate Wine configurations, similar to the bottles, virtual hard drives or wineprefixes of other utilities. Vineyard-preferences is done in the style of the GNOME preferences tools and aims for the same ease and use.

Also included is nautilus-wine, an extension for GNOMEs default file-manager Nautilus, that enables easy per-executable configuration from the properties window for files.

At the base of Vineyard is the Python package python-wine that enables interfacing with the Wine Registry Database as well as easy control of various Wine functions such as drives, libraries, themes and even programs managing, effectively providing the functionality usually provided by winecfg, regedit, wine uninstall and building on it with integrated separate configuration support, often used registry functions (similar to some of what winetricks provides) and basic AppDB integration.