Download Vineyard


If you’re on an Ubuntu based distribution, you can use either the daily build PPA (usually very stable, contact me if it’s not) or the old stable PPA (which isn’t all that stable, I recommend the daily build PPA). You’ll find these at:

NOTE: The latest release available from the stable PPA has a bug in the packaging, so if you haven’t already installed it you need to install icoutils, either from Synaptic or by running sudo apt-get install icoutils.

If you are unsure about how to add these PPAs to your system, open a terminal and copy-paste this line to add the daily builds PPA and install Vineyard:
sudo sh -c 'add-apt-repository ppa:cybolic/vineyard-testing && apt update ; apt install vineyard'
or this line to add the old stable PPA and install Vineyard:
sudo sh -c 'add-apt-repository ppa:cybolic/ppa && apt update ; apt install vineyard'

Remember that Vineyard needs Wine to run, so if you haven’t already installed Wine, I recommend installing the beta packages from following PPA:
To do this from a terminal in Ubuntu, just copy-paste this line:
sudo sh -c 'add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa && apt update ; apt install wine'

If you are running Arch, mastercoms has submitted a package on AUR.

If you are running Pinguy OS or Fuduntu, Vineyard is already installed and there should be no need for you to install it again, unless you want to make sure you have the latest version.
Fuduntu also has RPMs of Vineyard, so if you’re on a different distribution that uses RPMs, they might work for you.

Source Code

Vineyards development home is at GitHub. From there you can browse or download the source code and run vineyard-preferences directly from the source directory or install it using the normal Python tools.

Stable source releases
If you are running a different distribution or prefer the stable source release, you can download it from here.

Development source
If you would like to test the latest development version, you can download it from GitHub by running the following commands:

  • Make sure you have Git installed:

    sudo apt install git

  • Download the latest source code:

    git clone

To actually run this development version, use these commands:

  • Go to the directory of the source:

    cd vineyard

  • Open Vineyard Preferences:


You can run the other tools in Vineyard from this directory as well.

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