After posting the screenshot in the last post, I went through my other screenshots and found something interesting.

How did Vineyard begin you may ask? Well, it actually began as another program called WineRack around the same time as I was creating LinReaper. It initially looked somewhat like Transgaming’s Cedega and was indeed inspired by it, but after hearing about Ubuntu’s wish to integrate Wine into the desktop I reconsidered the entire GUI… thankfully. Anyway, enough history, this is what WineRack (Vineyard alpha-alpha-alpha) looked like:
WineRack - the precursor of Vineyard
Configuration (bottle) and program focused it was, but it seemed that was a the need of the minority – most people just wanted a prettier winecfg…

Enter Vineyard. …the meagre first version anyway 😉
The first version of Vineyard

Yes, the basics are definitely the same, but I’d like to think that the current version looks a bit better:
Vineyard: The current version in trunk

Don’t you think?