A few people experienced issues with the previous testing release and there were indeed a few show stopping issues, so let’s bring on the bug fix release!

Fixed in pre10:

  • python-wine will now exit with a fitting message if Wine is not installed
  • If the default prefix doesn’t exist on access it will be created
  • Fixed: Setting registry values was broken in many cases due to a recent change
  • Fixed: Setting virtual desktop values didn’t really work on the default prefix
  • Fixed: Setting integer registry values (also fixes setting font aliasing)
  • Fixed: Reading the name of unified format prefixes failed
  • Fixed: Reading icons is less prone to fail
  • Fixed: Reading program info from registry would sometimes use faulty uninstall info


  • The virtual desktop widget didn’t work, it does now.

The PPA is updating right now and as usual the updates are available here as well:
python-wine pre10 and vineyard pre10

As always, remember to install both packages if you’re installing them manually (using the PPA should update both automatically).