New pre-release out! It’s building in the PPA right now and available for download here: python-wine pre9 and vineyard pre9.

Changes are:


  • Supports symlinking a directory to a configuration
  • Relative file-paths work



  • Program adding is implemented
  • Lot’s of fixes for program editing
  • All programs that can be run are displayed as such
  • Programs can have their menu category edited
  • Changes that should activate the “Apply” button now always properly do so
  • Programs can disable PulseAudio whilst running (including waiting for children to exit before starting PulseAudio again)


  • Configurations are now created according to the unified prefix format created in cooperation with Dan Kegel
  • Configuration directory names are now named like the configuration
  • Program icons are properly searched in configurations
  • Windows executables that don’t have a resource header can be read
  • Names can be read from non-executables (like .msi files)
  • Programs that should be run in terminal are properly read as such
  • Creating a new configuration waits properly for regedit instead of dying
  • Editing a program now creates a .desktop file, automatically linked to the menu and with the “TryExec” key given to ensure no dead menu items
  • Getting icons work for more programs now
  • Running a process can now wait for children to finish as well

As well as the usual fixes here and there.

Pretty pictures:

Adding a folder to a Vineyard configuration

Shown here is how easy it is to add a saved installation of a game or program to an existing or new Vineyard configuration.

Program editing, showing that showing in menu and editing categories can be done now

Editing the program info for "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines", with the launcher being shown in the main menu (in the correct category) and PulseAudio set as being disabled while the program is running.