I released a new beta version the other day, but didn’t post a changelog.
Well, here’s yet another release already, and therefore also the changelogs for both releases.
UPDATE: Pre12 didn’t have the prefix Add/Remove buttons in vineyard-preferences hooked up, so another new release!


  • Prefix Add/Remove buttons work again
  • Remove button is disabled on default prefix (let me know if this is annoying)
  • Layout of vineyard-preferences is more symmetrical


  • Cosmetic improvements as well as better About dialog for vineyard-preferences
  • vineyard-launcher now automatically sets the prefix to the one the executable is in (if any)
  • vineyard-preferences now launches programs in a terminal if they are set as such
  • Programs that run in a terminal can now also disable PulseAudio
  • Nautilus property page shows a bit more info for shell links – should also be impossible to crash now
  • Speed increases in reading the registry/settings
  • Fixed: The Apply button should function correctly now (only be active on changes) when editing programs in vineyard-preferences
  • Fixed: The prefix name entry in vineyard-preferences works again


  • Completely rewritten prefix/configuration/bottle support – lot’s of bugs gone because of that (especially that big one everyone was reporting) (spec here)
  • Speed optimisations in getting drive informations
  • Duplicate prefix names are displayed with more info in vineyard-preferences and vineyard-launcher
  • Installing programs now gives better feedback and works much better in general
  • DirectInput Mouse warping can now be configured in vineyard-preferences
  • Launcing a program from its .lnk file works better now
  • Nautilus integration has been updated and improved, now can also show info for .lnk files (shell links)
  • Fixed: Better support for non-standard executables – is also faster
  • Fixed: The device entry in Places updates correctly now
  • Fixed: Menu entries (desktop files) work again
  • Fixed: Worked around a bug in PyGTK in Ubuntu Natty
  • Fixed: Using commands like “env VAR=” now correctly sets an empty variable


UPDATE: Here’s a screenshot of the cosmetic improvements in vineyard-preferences. It’s not much, but it helps.
UPDATE 2: Screenshot updated to Pre13.

Vineyard Preferences with the new cosmetic changes

Vineyard Preferences with the new cosmetic changes

UPDATE 3: Here’s that new Shell Link Nautilus properties view again:

The Nautilus property page showing the info in the link for Mozilla Firefox in safe mode

The Nautilus property page showing the info in the link for Mozilla Firefox in safe mode