There are a bunch of features already brewing in Vineyard, but what would you most like to see show up in the next release?

Here’s a few of the things I’ve been working on, but feel free to suggest your own ideas.

  • Programs page speed-up/improvements
  • Colour-”theme” editing
  • Windows theme support
  • Making it possible to disable the Windows tray
  • Making it easier to show installed programs in the menu

The poll will close on the 6th of April.

UPDATE: The poll is closed and the winner with a whopping 3 votes is Windows theme support! I already have it in a working state, just needs some polish, so expect to see it in the next release!

Poll Question: What should be the focus for the next release of Vineyard?

  • Windows theme support
    60% (3)
  • More install options / recipes for popular programs and libraries
    20% (1)
  • Stability/robustness improvements
    20% (1)
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