I know I haven’t made a big deal of it, but there is actually a command line tool included in Vineyard: vineyard-cli.

Vineyard-cli can create configurations, list installed programs, uninstall programs, map drives, setup virtual desktops, set audio options, set graphics options, well basically almost everything that vineyard-preferences can do so it’s excellent for use in scripts.

The reason I’m mentioning it is that I was working on an install script for the 2010 release of Aliens vs. Predator yesterday and I realised that this kind of stuff is really easy to do with vineyard-cli.
Let me show you.

To install Aliens vs. Predators 2010 edition in a separate configuration from the DVD using vineyard-cli:
vineyard-cli --add-conf "AvP3"
vineyard-cli --use-conf "AvP3" --run 'winetricks d3dx9 d3dx10 physx vcrun2005'
vineyard-cli --use-conf "AvP3" --run 'D:\install.exe'
vineyard-cli --use-conf "AvP3" --set-registry 'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\dxregsvc' 'Start' 'dword:00000003'
vineyard-cli --use-conf "AvP3" --run 'C:\Program Files\Aliens vs. Predator\AvP.exe'

These few lines sets up a separate configuration, installs DirectX 9, DirectX 10, NVIDIA PhysX and the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 libraries (using winetricks), runs the installer, sets dxdllreg.exe to not be run on configuration startup and runs the game – that’s it!