After the somewhat disappointing release of the beta (did anyone download it?), I thought I’d tell a bit about the new features.

Steam is supported quite nicely. Steam applications and games are listed and can be run just like normal programs as well as uninstalled directly from Vineyard.

New funtions have been added to the Tools page. You can now simulate reboots, shutdowns, close/kill programs as open the Windows Control Panel.

Libraries can now properly be overridden in a specified order or disabled.

ISO files are now supported as drive devices. So far the ISO is auto-mounted using FUSE but you’ll have to unmount it yourself (will be addressed).

The popular flat style menus are now directly supported from the Appearance page and is enabled in the correct (bit-field setting) way that won’t disable other potential visibility settings you may have set (unlike normal .reg hacking).

As mentioned earlier, there is also now the Vineyard launcher than enables you to run a program in whichever configuration you choose and also gives you the option to create a configuration (complete with simple settings) and even install extra packages before the program is run.
This is how I installed Starcraft II for example:

UPDATE: I completely forgot to mention the Application Indicator support! Well, it should be self explanatory and looks like this:

Also, most of Vineyard (including the python-wine package) has been rewritten to enable much better stability, compatibility, speed and easier adding of new functions.

Once again, the packages are here.