Finally! It’s late, it’s Christmas and the next test release has been uploaded!

  • Program editing works now
  • Running programs (especially from vineyard-cli) is more stable and easier with regards to syntax and also works much better with older programs and patchers
  • Loading and saving settings is somewhat faster now
  • Nautilus now shows an InfoBar when in a Vineyard configuration directory, giving the name of the configuration and direct access to it’s settings in vineyard-preferences
  • Support for XRandR for screen resolution changes can be toggled on/off
  • vineyard-launcher now has a button to search AppDB
  • The beginnings of support for the new install script format done in cooperation with Dan Kegel. Not visible in GUI yet, but code is there
  • Lots of small fixes

Get it while it’s hot at:


or from the Testing PPA.