After months of hard work I finally feel that Vineyard and python-wine are ready for a beta release.

Program adding is not enabled yet, but here are lots of other goodies: indicator support, winetricks integration, pre-installation of support packages when double-clicking an exe, new configuration options, direct ISO/BIN/NRG/IMG/MDF support for drives, improved cli-client, the beginnings of integration with WineHQ’s AppDB, much improved stability, speed and compatibility, proper library overrides (not just on/off), new tools and other bits here and there.

Try for yourself with these packages:

python-wine package (built on Ubuntu)

vineyard package (built on Ubuntu)

UPDATE: python-wine – running a program failed on Half-Life: Source and possibly others, fixed.
UPDATE 2: Configuration adding and removing works now.
UPDATE 3: Vineyard launcher now has a .desktop file, double clicking programs on the Programs page works and getting version info can now fail without crashing.
UPDATE 4: Vineyard now checks for older Gtk versions (Debian) by directly checking whether the functionality exists instead of by version number (thanks to JupiterOS for reporting this).
UPDATE 5: (just python-wine) added a new way to check if there’s a connection to the internet, if you had issues with installing, please try if this fixes it.
UPDATE 6: (just vineyard) fixed up vineyard-cli: It is now much more verbose and has had a ton of bugs fixed. vineyard-preferences now also works correctly in Debian testing.
UPDATE 7: (both) NOTE! If you are using or planning to use the testing PPA, please un-install both vineyard and python-wine before upgrading. News are: Better command-line support for overriding libraries and an important fix for a bug that made Nautilus freeze on opening dialogues (this also means that there is no more “Run in Wine configuration” right-click menu entry in Nautilus, just the Vineyard Launcher) and “Wine Applications” is now called “Windows Applications”. There are now also packages for Karmic, Lucid and of course Maverick in the Testing PPA (just to know, there’s no difference between them, only in packaging) and better support for Debian testing.
UPDATE 8: (both) Finally! Installers in Vineyard Preferences now provide feedback! The Graphics page in Vineyard Preferences now has some informative tooltips. There’s now also support for library and binary overrides in the python-wine library (used now to handle a small winetricks bug) and various small fixes all around.
UPDATE 9: (both) Lot’s’a’stuff! Check the release post.