Release changes
Now that package recipes in Launchpad are out of beta, Vineyard will start publishing daily builds instead of the testing releases you’ve seen so far.

This means that although there is already a new daily build out, it does not yet include functioning theme support (not in the GUI at least), but don’t fret, it is coming.

Another new thing with regards to packaging is that Vineyard is now distributed as a single package instead of two.
This does not mean that python-wine cannot be build separately, but since Vineyard is the only program using it so far, I don’t see any real reason to keep it as a separate package yet.

So, to round things up, there’s a new (daily) release out which contains various nice new features like:

  • A fancy new tools button-menu (like the Elementary project made popular)
  • Better Unity Launcher integration (quicklists)
  • Support for limiting a process to a number of CPUs (not in GUI yet, but works from command line)
  • Much faster startup of vineyard-preferences
  • Better monitoring of child processes (so Vineyard won’t think your game exited when its launcher started it)

Along with fixes for:

  • Not being able to remove a prefix
  • Better compatibility with winetricks for prefix handling
  • Improved Windows registry compatibility
  • Better support for legacy Vineyard prefixes

The Poll
How did everyone feel about the poll? Not many people voted, so I’m interested in hearing why and if you think it’s a good idea to do another one.

Last but definitely not least, it’s my pleasure to announce that The Vineyard Project and CodeWeavers are now business partners in the sense that if you buy a CodeWeavers product (like the excellent CrossOver products) through clicking the banner on the right, your money will benefit CodeWeavers, Vineyard and the Wine project – that’s three times the good conscience for the price of one (product)!

Signing off,

– Christian