Latest changes: CrossOver support, Wine-Staging features and more!

Here are some of the changes from the last two weeks of development:

New Features:

  • Support for CrossOver.
  • Auto-detection of supported Wine features.
  • Support for a number of Staging features and common patches:
    • CSMT (both dll and patched versions, ie. Wine-Staging, CrossOver and custom Wine versions are all supported)
    • EAX Emulation
  • “Run in a terminal” More >

New builds in the PPA

I’ve overhauled the packaging of Vineyard, and we now have builds back up for all LTS (long term support) Ubuntu releases going back to 12.04 (Precise) as well as for 15.10 (Wily) and 16.04 (Xenial). 16.04 deprecated the python-support package in favour of dh-python (in line with Debian), so Vineyard More >

The new prefix creation dialogue

Wine version handling, better 64-bit support and bug-fixes!

Vineyard has seen some development during the past few weeks and has received bug-fixes and new features! Some of the more advanced functionality – that was previously only supported by editing the wrapper.cfg file – is now easily accessible!

Here’s a list of some the most visible changes:

Vineyard Preferences with the new cosmetic changes

New-new version!

I released a new beta version the other day, but didn’t post a changelog. Well, here’s yet another release already, and therefore also the changelogs for both releases. UPDATE: Pre12 didn’t have the prefix Add/Remove buttons in vineyard-preferences hooked up, so another new release!


  • Prefix Add/Remove buttons work again
  • Remove button More >

The Nautilus property page showing the info in the link for Mozilla Firefox Safe Mode

Quick teaser: Shell links

Just a quick post to show that Vineyard (and python-wine) now handles shell links (.lnk files):

The Nautilus property page showing the info in the link for Mozilla Firefox Safe Mode

If you’re interested in the technical stuff, python-wine can now read all the contained info in a Windows shell link More >

Bug fix release

A few people experienced issues with the previous testing release and there were indeed a few show stopping issues, so let’s bring on the bug fix release!

Fixed in pre10: python-wine:

  • python-wine will now exit with a fitting message if Wine is not installed
  • If the default prefix doesn’t exist on access it More >

New release

Finally! It’s late, it’s Christmas and the next test release has been uploaded!

  • Program editing works now
  • Running programs (especially from vineyard-cli) is more stable and easier with regards to syntax and also works much better with older programs and patchers
  • Loading and saving settings is somewhat faster now
  • Nautilus now shows an InfoBar More >